Stanley Adventure All-in-One Prep & Eat Fry Pan 9-Piece Set

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Colour Silver
Material Metallic-Fiber
Brand Stanley
Item weight 0.2 Kilograms
Number of pieces 9
  • 9-PIECE COOK SET: Designed to serve 2, this cooking mess kit includes (1) 3-Ply frying pan holds 32 OZ / .94 L (7.25 in / 18.4 cm diameter), (1) cutting board, (2) plates, (2) sporks, (1) spatula with extending handle, (1) trivet, and (1) cover
  • SAVE ON SPACE: Head out on your next adventure without dealing with unnecessary bulk; All the camping cooking pots and accessories nest into each other, with a locking handle on the pot keeping everything in place as you hit the trails
  • CRAFTED FOR DURABILITY: The Stanley Adventure Fry Pan Cook Set complements the most active of pursuits; BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel ensures your camping pot never rusts or breaks, while dishwasher-safe construction makes for easy cleaning
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Looking for the best gifts for outdoorsmen? A Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift for the man obsessed with nature? This fry pan camp cook set is just what you need to celebrate the occasion

Stanley Adventure All-in-One Prep & Eat Fry Pan 9-Piece Set, 32oz

Stanley Adventure Prep & Eat Fry Pan Set, 32oz

This 9 piece set comes with a multilayered base frying pan for even heating as well as a place setting for two and collapsible spatula so you can properly own that flame cooked meal. Burgers, pancakes, stir fry — whatever flips your lid, you can fry up on this handy cook set.

  • Weight: 2.1
  • Dimensions: 8.6L x 2.19W x 10.37H in


  • 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free
  • Locking fry pan handle
  • Nesting system
  • Dishwasher safe

Weight 0.2 kg


Model Number





‎7.25 Inches


‎0.94 Liters



Item Weight

‎200 g



Date First Available

7 March 2017



10 reviews for Stanley Adventure All-in-One Prep & Eat Fry Pan 9-Piece Set

  1. NW

    I’ve been refining my camping kit and was delighted to buy this. It’s excellent quality and so easy to clean, the nesting of all the elements is fantastic for not forgetting anything. Highly recommend this and other and other Stanley kit.

  2. MickD

    Really happy with the quality of this , bargain for the price . Top weight to the pan ,awesome. Bought as a second skillet backup, will perform well . Perfect size for your average 2 burner.All the other items will no doubt come handy. Top set, recommend,Cheers .

  3. Gunter BECKER

    My 2 cons : no 1, there are the 4 spot welds on the bracket to hold the handle ,they appear to show through to the inside of the pan! No 2, the whole package weighs 898gr. total!My pros : where do I start, a frying pan not to be missed ,when I go camping I don’t look at every oz. of weight i carry ,dimensions it comes in 5.5cm in height ,pan only no lid, inside diameter 19cm. 7.5″ which is plenty for 2 hikers. Folding handle that also locks in place for secure handling when in use. A wonderful package designed for 2,the extra thick bottom allows for even cooking to make sure your pancakes come out perfectly every time. If one uses it on open campfire hand protection is a must. On my little hiking stove no problems !Recommendation absolutely, this is my unbiased opinion

  4. Zenboy

    Great pan and accessories , not too heavy if you have room to stow it in your pack . The only thing keeping it from being perfect to me , is it’s lack of a metal lid with foldable handle . You could make the lid double as a tray or eating dish . I’m going to DIY one for this kit .

  5. Stephen Lawson

    This is a great cookware set, especially for one or two people. My girlfriend and I take it on the beach, etc, and make lunch using a small gas cooker. Be careful with the handle, as it collapses when it’s squeezed. I once squeezed too hard after I finishing cooking. I tried to load the food onto a plate when the handle collapsed and the pan burned by leg… painful but effective lesson 🙂 Otherwise, very nice. I like how the lid seals the contents, so you can clean up when you get home, and you don’t have to worry about any mess falling into your car.

  6. DazeeyLady

    Sturdy and versatile
    Bought this set for my husband to upgrade his old Boy Scout type mess kit.The pan is high quality and sturdy enough to cook over indirect flame. The extras and utensils are great too. I am sure we’ll use this for camping for years to come.

  7. Tofflington

    Heats up evenly. High quality.
    This set is worth every penny. We bought it for camping but end up loving it so much that we started using it at home too. Heats up evenly. Makes perfect sunny side up eggs. And easy to clean. For $40 you really couldn’t ask for a better set.

  8. Daniel W Frost

    Cover doesn’t fit
    Generally well made but cover does not fit. I tried to get support online but their online support email form does not work properly, impossible to complete form.

  9. KK!!!!!!!!

    Nice little pan
    I haven’t used this while camping yet but it works great with my nuwave induction cooktop. The pan is sturdy. I like the small size when cooking for one. I was expecting food to stick but clean up has been easy. I will use it regularly in my rv.

  10. C. Rogers

    If you ever wanted a kitchen quality fry pan but designed for camping.
    This pan is awesome. It’s built like an actual fry pan with 3 layers of metal (stainless steel/aluminum/stainless steel) on the bottom of the pan to help evenly distribute heat across the entire cooking surface and it actually works pretty well. I mean this is no All-Clad level of frying pan BUT in the camp cookware world this is the best your going to get. Even from pricier brands. Every single camp fry pan that I have seen are all made out of one thin sheet of metal. This is bad because when cooking that thin metal will not distribute heat evenly causing you to burn one area of your food while the other might be cooked properly or under cooked. This imo is the only camp fry out there worth what you pay for it. If this was made by MSR you’d be paying a whole a lot more for this level of quality. Now certain things WILL stick to it like scrambled eggs. If you are FRYING an egg and you don’t want it to stick you need to use butter. When you put the butter in the pan wait for the butter to melt. While it’s in it’s “melted phase” you will see the butter bubbling. Wait for this bubbling to stop. That bubbling is water boiling off from the butter. Once the bubbling has stopped there is no more water in the butter THEN you can put your cracked in the pan and it should not stick or at least not stick as bad. This works in full size pans too. You may need to season this skillet to help prevent sticking. I know it’s stainless steel and you don’t need to season stainless or what ever but you can get little bit of a seasoning on this skillet. It will help with the sticking.

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