Camp Kitchen Organizer and Utensil Kit Set of 14

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  • CONVENIENT Buckles to hang from camping ridge poles, RV awning, trees, rooftop carrier or from your car window allowing you to free up space on your camp table and keep your camp cooking area clean and organized. Neatly organizes your utensils, spices, cleaning gear, aluminium foil and much more in one convenient place.
  • STORAGE 8x sleeve pockets for organizing cooking utensils, 4x mesh pockets to store cleaning items or cooking spices, large zippered sleeve pocket at the back to store cutting board, Large lower storage pocket with zip closure to store aluminium foil, glad wrap, larger cooking utensils, or whatever else you use frequently and don’t want to dig out of your chuck box!
  • DURABLE made to last with strong and durable Oxford polyester fabric that will resist water, is hard to stain and easy to clean even after prolonged use. Designed with straps and carry handles made from 100% polyester webbing, they’re UV resistant and super strong.
  • VERSATILE Our comprehensive portable camping kitchen utensil set is the ultimate camping gear for campsite cooking on the go. Bring your kitchen wherever you go, so you can leave your worries at home. Perfect for car camping, RV camp and tent camping, BBQ, or even a picnic.
  • PRACTICALE Perfect gift for camping enthusiasts, Beyond the Black Stumps camping accessories are practical for both beginner camping and experienced campers. Experienced campers know everything in camp has a place, your chuck box is not the place for your kitchen utensils and other regularly used kitchen items. You just didn’t know you were missing a place for all of your kitchen utensils until now!
  • DON’T MISS the Chopping board located in a hidden zipper pocket in the back of the organizer!

Camp Kitchen Organizer and Utensil Kit – Set of 14 – Travel Organizer – Grill Accessories – Portable Camping Gear

Product Description

Camp Utensils


Included Utensils
  • Stainless Steel BBQ spatula
  • Tongs
  • 12 inch utility knife with sharpening sheath
  • Bamboo Spoon set of 3
  • Bottle & wine opener multitool
  • 2x reusable condiment pouches
  • Cutting Board
  • 2 x Scrubber
  • Dish Towel
Additional Features:
  • Paper towel or dish towel hanger
  • Beverage holder
  • 2x side hooks
  • Corner eyelets
  • Buckles to hang from camping ridge poles, RV awning, trees, rooftop carrier or from your car window.
  • 8x sleeve pockets
  • 4x mesh pockets
  • Large lower storage pocket with zip closure
  • Back large zippered sleeve pocket
  • Padded carry handle when closed
Box front and side

We Know Camping

Don’t waste precious space on your camping table with a bulky utensil kit, use Beyond the Black Stumps Utensil Kit AND Kitchen Organizer to free up space and keep a tidy camp kitchen!

Beyond the Black stump has gone back to basics with the included utensils. Years of camping experience has taught us the most useful camp kitchen utensils are your simple wooden spoon set, paired with a sturdy BBQ spatula and a sharp knife with a sharpening sheath, In this simplicity rests the best camping utensil set.

70cm x 50 cm Buckles to fasten to awnings, trees, rooftop platforms, or wherever! Corner eyelets to fasten to camping ridge pols.

Other Features include – Velcro paper towel holder, beverage holder, 2 hooks to hang in use utensils, large lower storage pocket with zip closure to hold aluminum foil and other camp cooking essentials, rear zip pocket to hold cutting board.

BBQ utensils

BBQ Tools

The best spatulas are durable, easy to use and easy to clean. Beyond the Black Stumps BBQ spatula is built to last with Stainless Steel construction and a durable wooden handle.

Grill tongs are an indispensable piece of camping equipment, to protect your hands from the heat, provide dexterity when flipping your food and save you the embarrassment of dropping food in front of your fellow campers. Beyond the Black stumps tongs have a locking mechanism for easy storage and space saving.

The included grill brush helps get the job done quickly and with minimal effort, whether you are cleaning your own BBQ or leaving the campsites BBQ nice and tidy for the next camper, Beyond the Black Stumps grill brush will not let you down.

Bamboo Spoons

Bamboo Spoon Set

Made with natural bamboo materials, the spoons are not only lightweight, but blend nicely with a scenic backdrop of the great outdoors. Rather than looking like high-tech gadgetry, these spoons look like they belong. They meet every meal with style and grace, bowing in reverence to their environment.

Utility knife and sheath

Utility Knife

The 8” Stainless steel knife features a sheath with innovated technology that is designed to automatically sharpen the blade with each use, maintaining the blade’s razor sharp edge. You will never have to worry about forgetting to sharpen your camping knife before each trip ever again.

Condiment pouches

Reusable Condiment Pouches

The reusable pouches, can be labelled and used to store condiments such as ketchup, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce or your other favourite sauce, or could be used to store dishwashing liquid, handwash or other cleaning product. Their double zip bottom ensures no leaks and allows you to pour in food, seal, use and are easy to clean for reuse. They also allow you to buy in bulk and limit your single-use plastics, how cool is that!

back with cutting board

Cutting Board

Ultralight cutting board is an essential camp cooking accessory. Crafted from Food Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and expertly designed to protect the edge of your knife whilst offering a clean and flat surface for meal preparation. Although robust under the pressure of a sharp knife, this cutting board is thin, flexible and weighs in at only 35g and works great to funnel your chopped up veggies into your camping cookware.

multi tool

Bottle & Wine Multitool

The Branded Bottle & wine opener multitool is a corkscrew, knife blade and bottle opener all in one and will ensure you are never left with a bottle of your favourite drop without a way to open it.

Secure Elastic Straps

Packing Away

Utensils can be secured with elastic straps for storage. The bag folds in half and secures with buckles and tucks away nicely for convenient storage.

Bag open and closed

The Little Touches That Count

Every aspect of our camping utensil bag has been well thought out and tested by experienced campers to ensure functionality and ease of use. Small touches such as placing hooks to hang your in-use utensils, or a place to store your cold beverage while you enjoy cooking in the great outdoors can make a significant difference in your quality of camp life. Everything in camp has a place, your chuck box is not the place for your kitchen utensils and other regularly used kitchen items. You just didn’t know you were missing a place for all of your kitchen utensils until now!

Beyond the Black Stump logo

Our Story

Beyond the Black Stump is a family owned and opperated camping gear company based in Sydney, Australia, offering thoughtful camping equipment to help organize your campsite.

We believe you can find your best self while exploring the great outdoors. Our purpose is to awaken a sense of adventure in everyone and inspire you to travel beyond the black stump.

Beyond the black stump:

In or of an extremely remote, isolated location, usually meaning the Australian outback. “Black stump” is used colloquially as an imaginary marker of the edge of civilized settlement, though the origin of the term is uncertain.

Let your sense of adventure take hold and travel beyond the black stump

See also: the back of beyond, the Never-Never, the back of Bourke, the outback.

Weight 453.59 kg
Dimensions 52.07 × 34.29 × 7.62 cm



‎Beyond the Black Stump

Package Dimensions

‎52.07 x 34.29 x 7.62 cm; 453.59 Grams



Date First Available

20 June 2021


‎Beyond the Black Stump

10 reviews for Camp Kitchen Organizer and Utensil Kit Set of 14

  1. Nellie Glenn

    Great purchase. Everything I need in one place. Pull it out hang it up and go. No more loose utensils rolling around

  2. Valeriy p.

    For something so simple they definitely thought it through from top to bottom, has a spot for every single item you could possibly need including for a cutting board

  3. Amazon Customer

    Didn’t realise until I was outback at a festival that the cutting board was not in my set as described. Otherwise a very handy set that was easy to hang beside my kitchen gear ready to go

  4. Kay

    Was so excited to receive this, it’s perfect for all my camping kitchen utensils and there’s heaps of room for more such as my sauce bottles. Love it!!!

  5. Andrew Cairns

    Really well made (by Australian company) and the design means you can actually hold a lot of stuff in it. Not too big either so it stores well. Great product!

  6. Sarah Teitt

    Purchased for Father’s Day and is great but was missing the cutting board. Really irritating toopen incomplete package

  7. Jason

    One of the item is missing (spice jar). When the package arrived the bag inside is unlocked. I just hope they are more in a secured package.

  8. Grandma

    Unique Solution – Very Pleased!
    One of the things that we love best is camp food and one of the things I love to do best while camping is cook that special food! When I was wandering through the Camping Supplies on Amazon last week I came across this Kitchen Organizer and Utensil set. You can’t produce good camp food for more than one without some utensils and this organizer is unique. It hangs from a dining canopy pole so it can be handy to your cook area – though you could use a tree limb is you’ve a. more primitive camp – and when not hanging easily zips shut to keep all the necessities in one place for transport.Mine arrived yesterday and I can’t tell you how very pleased I am. The holder is very sturdy and well made – It’ll last for years – and the utensils that are included are of good quality. They include a decent utility knife with a built in sharpener in the sheath, a nice spatula with great balance, a handy bottle opener tool and the same wooden spoons/spatulas I would have otherwise pulled from my own kitchen drawer – must haves if you’re cooking in cast iron or non-stick cookware. There are also some handy cleaning supplies – a couple of green scrubbing pads, a nice dishcloth and a small but adequate grill brush. In a zipper compartment on the back you’ll find a large, flexible cutting board.Best of all, there is plenty of room left over for the things I know I’ll want to add – some waterproof matches, a couple of sponges, a P38 can opener or two, a metal spoon, a wire whisk, a paring knife and a small ladle. A large zippered pocket at the bottom has plenty of room for things like a measuring cup and spoons, a small recipe book or recipe cards, fire starters, a striker. There are a couple of sturdy hooks on one side for your pot holders or heat-proof gloves and lots of extra elastic loops along the outside of the zipper pocket.We’re off to camp next week and I’m busy loading up gear. I’m so glad that this year I won’t be having to rustle through a plastic tub full of gizmos to find what I need!VERY highly recommended. BTW, this is not available at the big box stores or any of the sports stores. We did find it (after the fact) at one other place but at a much higher price. An invaluable addition to your camp kit!

  9. Mike Clarke

    Very well designed and made.
    This gives me all the basic utensils that I need for camp cooking including clean up. There is even some extra room for additional items that I choose to carry. All in a convenient and compact carrying case. And most importantly, it includes the necessary beer and wine opener.

  10. Kathleen Foster

    Your Average Utensil Carrier
     This is an ok utensil kit. The box was very beat up and it’s obvious it was opened up before and then taped back together.The bamboo spoon set is apparently eco friendly, which is a nice gesture, but having plastic everything else kind of kills the point. Plus, bamboo is difficult to clean.The knife is solid, and the sharpener built in to the sheath is a nice touch. The tongs, spatula and wine key are decent. It also comes with some green scrubber pads and a washcloth, plus a four chamber spice jar and some iv bag looking condiment pouches. The cutting board is a translucent piece of plastic. It’s sufficient.Word of advice- watch out for the grill brush!! I may just remove it from this set because it’s not covered up at all and it will poke you! It poked me when I was simply trying to open the bag.The loops on top of the bag are quite innovative, because you can hang it and save space on your picnic table. There’s also a velcro loop on the bottom to put paper towels on, another space saver!One improvement this bag could really use is a zipper around it to protect the tools, and to protect you from getting cut or poked while carrying or opening the bag.3.5 out of 5 stars.

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